Al Unser Jr.’s Turbo Racing NES.

When I was a boy, growing up in Indiana, the month of May was filled to the brim with news coverage of the greatest spectacle in racing. Once I grew up that nostalgia died and the mysticism surrounding the whole race fell apart even further when I actually went to the race track and realized it was far better to watch on television than it was to actually be there. However, that boyhood wonder still retains the memories of a video game that brought me many hours of fun, as well ... Read more
Posted 8 months ago

DIY Sega Genesis and Master System AV Cables: Redo!

A few years back I made a vain attempt at making Sega Genesis and SMS AV cables. Although they did work, they didn't last long because the connectors I used were harvested from MIDI cables and never properly adhered back to the plug. A few good uses later and both sets of cables were rendered dysfunctional or completely useless. As I hinted at, in the original article, 5 pin DIN connectors are often sold online, and after a short search on Amazon I found a pack of 6 for less than $4 shipped. It took a while to arrive but ... Read more
Posted 1 year ago

Friday First Plays #1: The Incredible Crash Test Dummies

It's Friday! That means it's time to play a game we have never played before. Today's entry was recorded in a bar with some co-workers of mine. We play a horrible game by the name of The Incredible Crash Test Dummies.
Posted 2 years ago

All Star Racing 2 for the Playstation

After playing All Star Racing and giving it a not so great review, I decided to give it's sequel a play through and see whether they had managed to polish dirt or just slap new makeup on the same, grimy old hag. Still proudly brought to us by Mud Duck and ZeniMax Media, All Star Racing 2 now seems to right most of the wrongs that it's predecessor committed. Although still not a diamond among coal, All Star Racing 2 can easily be mistaken for a thoroughly enjoyable racing game on the Playstation. [caption id="attachment_3762" align="aligncenter" width="300"]... Read more
Posted 2 years ago

All Star Racing for the Playstation

Back in the Playstation era racing games went through a complete change, a puberty if you will. This change either sent racing game fans running for the hills to conserve their memories of yesteryear, or attracted them to a whole new world, as well as dragging in a completely new crowd of fans. Racing games went from being simple point to point, choose your car and win or lose, to far more complex strategy based games that caused you to not only focus on the race at hand, but also allowed you to setup the car through many changeable variants. While ... Read more
Posted 2 years ago

The Art of Cheating 2: A Little Help From My Friends!

Most vintage gamers prefer to play video games as they were intended, trying over and over to get just 1 more level and feel our hard work has paid off. Others will only try so many times before they pull out an old issue of Nintendo Power, look up a walkthrough, or find cheat codes. For the rest of us, and even all of the above, there was the Game Genie, Action Replay or Game Shark! The main function of these devices is to alter the game's coding so that we don't have to struggle. Sometimes, with a little fiddling around, ... Read more

User Survey

We at the Vintage Gamers want to know where you guys would like us to take the site. Please take the below survey to offer your comments. It will be up for the whole month of April. The Vintage Gamers User Survey
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