How vintage is vintage?

When we started this site a few years ago, we had rules dictating what we would cover. The main rule was 10 years or 2 generations back. With PS4, Wii U and Xbox One out now, we are facing a dilemma. PS2, GameCube and Xbox don't seem vintage. They are older systems, but they don't feel old enough. Help us decide if we should cover those consoles. [polldaddy poll="7605425"]
Posted 3 years ago

Game Boy Screen Magnifiers

After my last article I decided to pull out all of my screen magnifiers and give them a run through, to see if they were truly as horrible as I remember them being. Now I'm not knocking their ability to magnify the screen, I'm actually complaining about their wildly varying and not so useful attempts to light up the Game Boy screen. No matter how well they do magnify the screen, they simply can't add enough light, or do it in a proper manner, to make the screen look good in the ... Read more
Posted 4 years ago

NUBY Game Light for Nintendo Game Boy

For the past 6 months or so I've had a neat little peripheral sitting in a drawer that I wanted to use so bad, but due to the state of corrosion on the battery contacts I packed it away and never really bothered with it. The overall condition wasn't bad so when I saw it at the outlet store I tossed it in my bag anyway; whats the harm in buying a vintage gaming peripheral even if it may never work again? That peripheral is the NUBY Game Light, a neat little ... Read more
Posted 4 years ago

Sega Genesis Model 3 — by Majesco?

By 1998 the Sega Saturn was fading away, leaving Sony and Nintendo to rule the market. By the end of that year the Dreamcast was out in Japan and hitting big, but what would Sega offer the North American market to tide us over? The answer to that question is absolutely nothing, but they did allow someone else to give us the Sega Genesis 3! [caption id="attachment_2668" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Boldly calling itself a Sega, how cute.[/caption] Even though the Sega Genesis 3 says Sega right on the console ... Read more
Posted 4 years ago

Peripheral Vision: Quickshot QS-150 Intruder 3

Quickshot is a name that almost every vintage gaming fan will no doubt be aware of. Whether you had Quickshot peripherals, knew someone who did or are just getting into collecting and find them almost everywhere, Quickshot still seems to be a third party brand from the old days that you just can't escape. Quickshot is perhaps best known for their plethora of joystick based peripherals, but today I will be taking a look at the QS-150 (aka Intruder 3), which is essentially a flight stick for the Sega Genesis.... Read more
Posted 4 years ago

Peripheral Vision: Turbo Touch 360 for the NES

Its no secret that the good old days of gaming were used extensively as a guinea pig for many strange, unique and down right useless peripherals. Many companies threw outrageous products onto store shelves in hopes it would catch on and become part of the video game craze. Today I will be taking a look at possibly one of the most unique controllers that came out of the vintage gaming era, the Turbo Touch 360 for the NES. At first glance many gamers will notice its Sega Genesis controller shape. Turbo Touch controllers ... Read more
Posted 4 years ago

Sam’s Scores: Game over, man! Game over!

As hunting has slowed to a complete stop as of the past few months, I feel it best this series come to a close and take a graceful and final bow. Thrift stores and flea markets are drying up, and if they do have something I want its usually priced too high to be a considered a score. So this series will end with a handful of pickups that I've found, but I never got around to posting. As most of these are outlet store finds I can't price them all, ... Read more
Posted 4 years ago