Guest Posting

Do you love retro games? Do you go to conventions and take alot of pictures or video? Do you just like talking about retro games? If so, we’d like to hear from you. We are always on the lookout for writers and video producers with a passion for retro games. We’re building a team that we believe are knowledgeable and passionate, but also diverse in their tastes, to create content for other gamers.

We ask that our writers contribute regular (weekly or monthly, for the most part) content, that is opinion-led and interesting to read. Our video producer will always want to hear ideas about video content, but we’re not forgetting the written word any time soon.

We aren’t looking for one-off guest posters, and we do not currently accept paid article placements, so if you’re thinking of sending that email, well thanks, but we’re not that kind of publication.

These are unpaid positions.

Please follow the guidelines below if you’d like to get your post on TVG.

General guidelines

The process

Fill out the forum below. Please don’t be upset if we recommend some changes – we want your post to be successful. The post may be edited for greater clarity, grammar, punctuation etc.

Your post must:



Thanks again for your interest in guest posting. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Note: While you keep the copyright of all material you get published on The Vintage Gamers, we would prefer a guest poster not republish their guest post elsewhere; we would like it to stay unique to TVG.