Whats that?

Shopping at the Goodwill Outlet store I have to contend with a lot of resellers, who ignorantly hope to strike it rich with the vintage games I go there to find. Yesterday I happened to find something that made me realize one of the most vital tactics a hunter can use is their ability to know what you’re looking for, no matter how hard that may be sometimes. Not everything is branded, for one reason or another, and you sometimes take visual cues as to what the item is for, but yesterday I had very little to go on and I had to make a call that turned out quite good in my favor.


To some the item shown above may look like nothing at all, while others may get it right away. Perhaps most of you are like myself and are currently scratching your heads telling yourself how this looks familiar, but you just can’t place the shape, or what it has to do with vintage gaming at all. Well I will remedy any and all curiosity, below.


What only says SGRL is actually a Nintendo Game Boy Color rechargeable battery pack. Even on the power supply for the charging base there is nothing at all written about what this item does or what it is for. I did however use the voltage to spur on my hopes that it was what it turned out to be.


If you saw this item sitting alone in a thrift store would you have picked it up on a whim? This item was just one of many things I’ve picked up, hoping it was what my brain thought it was. However, this item was the most cryptic item I’ve ever had to decipher!

Posted January 22nd, 2013

Sega Game Gear Bag Repurpose!

Along my thrift outings I’ve ran across a handful of old Sega Game Gear bags. I’ve only managed to find one with the insert to hold my Game Gear and it’s accessories, with being the only one I’ve found it took that job by default. But what do I do with the other bags without the inserts?


Being a, self proclaimed, MacGuyver of retro gaming items, I feel as though I’ve found a solution to my problem! I can’t just leave a Sega Game Gear sitting in such a large bag without proper protection, so I’ve chosen another Sega system to take it’s place. Perhaps you could say its keeping it in the family, my Sega Saturn.


The Sega Saturn fits perfectly, as does a controller or pair of controllers. The AV cable and power cord, once wound up, fit perfectly where game cases fit in the upper part of the bag, which leaves two compartments on the front and back for games, or anything else you need to carry along with your Sega Saturn. So if you ever run across one of these bags without the Game Gear insert don’t just pass it up, take it home, give it a cycle through the clothes washer and once it’s dry pack away your Sega Saturn!

Posted January 15th, 2013