The Vintage View Podcast – Episode 02 – Game Consoles

Welcome back to Vintage View! In this episode, Scott and Samuel dive into the world of retro consoles, sharing the stories of how they obtained these cherished gaming systems.

Discussion Points:

  • 🕹 Scott’s Retro Consoles:
    Scott reminisces about his collection of retro consoles, including his first gaming system and the memorable experiences associated with each one.
  • 🎮 Samuel’s Retro Consoles:
    Samuel shares his journey of acquiring retro consoles, from visiting game stores to hunting through thrift stores and finding deals on Craigslist, highlighting the unique stories behind each addition to his collection.


Tune in next time for more retro gaming adventures and captivating stories on Vintage View!

Posted February 28th, 2024

The Vintage View Podcast – Episode 01 – Introductions

Welcome to Vintage View, the inaugural episode of our podcast where we delve into the world of retro gaming and beyond.

Discussion Points:

  1. Podcast Goals:

    • We discuss our vision for Vintage View, aiming to explore the nostalgia of retro gaming while also incorporating broader topics beyond gaming.
  2. Memories of Gamestop and Funcoland:

    • Sharing personal stories and memories of visiting iconic gaming stores like Gamestop and Funcoland, reminiscing about the atmosphere and experiences unique to those places.
  3. Beyond Gaming:

    • Exploring topics outside of gaming, demonstrating how our interests extend beyond the digital realm and into other facets of life.
Posted February 21st, 2024