OPINION: I like Dragon Quest more than Final Fantasy

Dragon Quest (DQ), also known as Dragon Warrior in the US, is my favorite RPG series. Final Fantasy (FF) can’t compare. Most people talk about them like they are equal games. I’m going to explain why I personally believe DQ is head and shoulders above FF.

Dragon Quest vs Final Fantasy

This isn’t an “I hate Final Fantasy” post. In fact, I loved the series up until #10. In my opinion, 10 and later strayed too far from what made FF a good game.

The gameplay in both games was largely the same throughout most of the games. What made the games different was the story of the games. Sure, both games have a main character that is destined to save the world. Very few RPGs don’t have that storyline.

What makes the stories different was the tone of the stories. FF often had a dark, gritty, serious storyline. DQ always had a story that felt like something I could relate to.

DQ isn’t afraid to try new story ideas. In one DQ game you even start out as a young kid. As the game goes on you get older, get married and have kids of your own and your kids are the heroes destined to save the world. You’re just there for the ride.

Crack Billed Platypunk

DQ has lots of humor. They name their characters amusing things. For example, there is a Bishop Jack of Alltrades Abby. The monsters you fight also have the funny names. With names like Crack-billed platypunk, Trauminator and Tyrannosaurus Wrecks, you know the developers have a sense of humor.

CapsichumAlso, DQ caused a law to go into effect in Japan. In 1988 Dragon Quest III came out on a week day, causing millions of Japanese workers to call in sick to work to stand in line to buy the game. The Japanese government was quick to make a new law stating it’s illegal for Dragon Quest games to be released on week days. Can Final Fantasy make that claim?

Posted March 25th, 2011