Wario’s Woods

Warios Woods

Nintendo’s last game for the NES. Usually by the end of life on a game system, developers learn how to push the system to it’s limits and make very good games. It has to be a good game right?

I recently got a chance to play this “gem” and you’re wrong. It’s horrible.

The story is simple: The woods are filled by monsters and Toad is tasked to blow them up with bombs.

Pretty much there are different colored monsters and you need to stack them up and arrange them by color. Then you drop a bomb of that color on them to eliminate them.

Sounds fun right? Nope.

The game is made by the same developers that made “Dr Mario“, “Tetris Attack” and “Yoshi’s Cookie“. All are decent puzzle games. Of course all of them have the same basic idea for the game: Match the color of the game piece to eliminate it.

It’s almost like they couldn’t think of a better idea for a game.

I’m sorry, I wanted to like it, but it’s just a bad game.

Another thing about the NES version. Wario is wearing a purple hat. I know the NES has a limited color palate and can’t display a lot of colors at once, but they could have tried to make him have a yellow hat. At least the SNES version has a yellow hat.

Not everything I have to say is bad. I loved the music on both games. Shinobu Amayake & Soyo Oka on the NES version and Hiroaki Suga & Tadashi Ikegami on the SNES version made some very entertaining music.

The NES intro showing Wario in purple (And some Gameplay)

Bonus video showing some SNES Gameplay
Posted September 7th, 2011