Sam’s Scores: Pick up video!

Thats right, I have gone youtube! Not always, but I felt that this score deserved a bigger presentation. If you’re a fan of pick up videos, you may enjoy mine. This doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned the article based Sam’s Scores, this just means I’m going a little more visual than articles will allow. Enjoy!

Posted November 17th, 2011

About the author

Samuel Floyd first fell into video gaming with the Atari the mid-90s! Always late into the system wars, Samuel enjoys that as he acquires them when they're cheap and the hot titles of yesteryear are bountiful. Samuel loves RPGs, his favorite being Crystalis for the NES.


Arika November 17, 2011

What a rip-off! Ive found Hogans Alley for 2 dollars with no manual nor sleeve =P
Great score!

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