Sam’s Scores V

4) – Age of Empires II & Sim City 2000

I’m not a huge PC gamer, but if I see titles that I know, or have wanted to check out I will buy them, if they’re cheap enough. Both of these titles are pretty big names in PC gaming. I’m well aware of what Sim City 2000 is, but I wasn’t prepared for just how awesome Age of Empires II truly was.

Age of Empires II -$1
Sim City 2000 -$.30

3) – Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 and NFS: Porsche Unleased

Here we go back to my console asylum, two Playstation games. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 and Need for Speed: Porsche Unleased are two games I’ve enjoyed quite a bit since I bought them. I am a huge fan of Need for Speed, and I’ve played the heck out of THPS2 on my N64, so I knew I would enjoy it.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 and NFS: Porsche Unleased -$.90 each

2) – World Series 2k2

World Series 2k2 on it’s own isn’t anything special, but the fact that Dreamcast games are getting harder and harder to find makes it at the very least a great deal. Everything was included and everything was in great shape, but the price was the best part of this score.

World Series 2k2 -$.50

1) – Final Fantasy Origins

Final Fantasy was the very first RPG that I ever played, and the RPG that started off my love for the genre. I knew they remade it for the Playstation but I could never find a copy at a price I felt was fair, until now. This is another reason why I check the CD bins and make sure I don’t skip over titles. Although it is missing the manual, the game is the most important part (to me) and that is mainly what I paid for.

Final Fantasy Origins -$.50

Posted February 4th, 2012

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Samuel Floyd first fell into video gaming with the Atari the mid-90s! Always late into the system wars, Samuel enjoys that as he acquires them when they're cheap and the hot titles of yesteryear are bountiful. Samuel loves RPGs, his favorite being Crystalis for the NES.


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