Sega Genesis Model 3 Virtua Racing and Game Genie Compatibility Fix

Disclaimer: I did not formulate this modification, I simply think that it should get more exposure than it seems to be getting. It works for me so I felt that I should spread the word to those who may not know about it yet.

Straight out of the box the Majesco Sega Genesis, aka the model 3, is lacking quite a few features that its big brothers have. Compatibility with a handful of games, including Virtua Racing, and peripherals like the 32x, Game Genie, Power Base converter and many other things were left out to make the model 3 cheaper to build.

Why would someone want to modify their Genesis 3 in favor of just using the model 1, 2 or handful of other Genesis clones out there? The trends of today are to make console clones smaller and smaller, giving you more room for other consoles on your small entertainment center. The footprint of the Sega Genesis 3 is very small, and if it can be easily modified to be almost as good as it’s bigger siblings then I think there is a market for this type of modification.

Bottom of the motherboard VA1

First thing to note is that the Majesco Genesis comes in, at least, two known revisions. My console is what is referred to as the VA1; there is also a VA2. The VA1 is reportedly the easiest to fix most compatibility issues on, and this modification is the absolutely easiest I’ve ever seen or done.

For this mod all you need is a short length of wire, solder, soldering iron and to have taken your Sega Genesis 3 apart, so you can reach the work area underneath the motherboard. Count the solder joints along the bottom row of the cartridge connector and count 14 to the right. From here you will solder your short length of wire to that solder joint and then down to another visible solder dot on the board. It’s that simple!

Sloppy, but I was too excited to try this mod out.

This is without a doubt one of the easiest console mods I’ve ever done. Simply solder the wire from A to B and your Genesis 3 is now compatible with Virtua Racing and reportedly the Game Genie, although I don’t currently have one to test this. There are still many more incompatibility issues, but you’re on the right track with just one wire and two soldering joints.

Virtua Racing works! I don’t have a Game Genie to test though.

Again, I didn’t formulate this mod, I’m just trying to spread the word so that more people who like the small footprint of their Sega Genesis 3 can have more use from their console. There are further mods that are quite a bit more involved for fixing quite a few other things on the Genesis 3, but by far this mod is the most accessible for the common person. Take your time, be patient (unlike me!) and make sure you solder the wire to the correct spots and you’ll be able to use your Sega Genesis 3 for slightly more things than you could before.

Posted June 30th, 2017

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