Attack of the Clones: Updates and testing!

Since the last Famiclone article, I’ve spent more time testing my handheld units and sadly I can confirm my Power Joy isn’t working, but its possibly an easy fix. I’ve also painstakingly compiled a list of what games are in my Super Joy III (I say my Super Joy because it seems the games vary from unit to unit), although it says 12000 it only has 120 difference choices and only 45 of those are unique games. Below is the list I have compiled, please note that I have been as careful as possible to spell everything according to the Super Joy, if anything is misspelled that is how it appears within the unit.

Super Joy Title Original Title Extra Info
Super Mario Super Mario Bros. Sped up a little bit, but essentially normal.
Paper Boy Paper Boy Normal
Defender Defender II Normal
Space Invaders Space Invaders Normal
Donkey Kong 3 Donkey Kong 3 Normal
Gradius Gradius Normal
Galaga Galaga Normal
Arkanoid Arkanoid Normal
1942 1942 Normal
Super Contra Super C Famicom version
Duck Hunt Duck Hunt Game A offers 1 “DWCK”
Sky Destroyer Sky Destroyer Normal
Pacman Pacman Normal NES port
Bomberman Bomberman Normal
Hyper Olympics Track and Field Normal
Tetris Tetris Famicom version
Millipede Millipede Normal
Pinball Pinball Normal
Kung Fu Kung Fu Normal
Dig Dug Dig Dug Normal
Wild Gun Man Wild Gunman Normal
Warpman Warpman Only released for the Famicom
Lunar Ball Lunar Ball Famicom version of Lunar Pool
Golf Golf Normal
Excitebike Excitebike Normal
Road Fighter Road Fighter Glitchy version of the Famicom verion
F1 Race F1 Race Slightly altered Famicom version
Lode Runner Lode Runner Normal
Tank Battle City Only released for the Famicom
Raid on Bay Raid on Bungeling Bay Normal
Mappy Mappy Only released for the Famicom
Pooyan Pooyan Only released for the Famicom
Tennis Tennis Normal
Base Ball Base Ball Graphically broken, otherwise working
Clu Clu Land Clu Clu Land Normal
Balloon Fighter Balloon Fighter Normal
Ice Climber Ice Climber Normal
Macross Macross Only released for the Famicom
Mario Bros Afro Mario Yes, this is Afro Mario instead of Mario Bros.
Chess Gomoku Narabe Renju Only released for the Famicom
Hogan Alley Hogan’s Alley Normal
Ball and Steel Arkanoid Round 7
Burger Time Burger Time Normal
Popeye Popeye Normal
Star Force Star Force Normal
Circus Charlie Circus Charlie Normal
Fight Abysm Super C Area 2
Light of Devildom Super Mario 8-1
Disloyalty Money Paper Boy Tuesday
Engle Forest Super C Area 3
Magic Power Super Mario 7-1
Thieft of Justice Paper Boy Wednesday
Time Tube Super C Area 4
Sky Dever Super Mario 6-1
Road Fatter Paper Boy Thursday
Water Dragon Super C Area 5
Road by Magic Super Mario 5-1
Perpetrate a Trand Paper Boy Monday
Danger Zone Super C Area 6
Sun Fun Super Mario 4-1
Thief Golden Paper Boy Friday
Top Perilous Peak Super C Area 7
Darks Sprite Super Mario 3-1
Policeman and Thief Paper Boy Saturday
Kill Pioneer Super C Area 8
Devildom in Water Super Mario 2-1
Paper Boy Sunday Paper Boy Sunday
Long Jump Track and Field Long Jump
Hrdles Meee Track and Field Hurdles
Javelin Throw Track and Field Javelin Throw
Skeet Shooting Track and Field Skeet Shooting
Triple Jump Track and Field Triple Jump
Archery Track and Field Archery
High Jump Track and Field High Jump
100M Dash Track and Field 100M Dash
Jump Fire Circus Charlie Stage 1
Popendancer Circus Charlie Stage 2
Roll Ball Circus Charlie Stage 3
Filer Circus Charlie Stage 4
Jump Bed Circus Charlie Stage 5
Driver Side by Side Balloon Fight Phase 5
Forword Power Balloon Fight Phase 9
Super Man Bomb1 Super C Area 1, A0 Lives — which is actually 100
Super Man Bomb2 Super C Area 1, 6 Lives
Super Man Bomb3 Super C Area 1, 6 Lives
Super Man Bomb4 Super C Area 5, 6 Lives
Fight in Battle Battle City Stage 36
Fe Protect Battle City Stage 43
Kill in Battle Battle City Stage 50
King of the Fe Battle City Stage 57
In No Time Battle City Stage 64
Battle Start Battle City Stage 71
Break The Earth Battle City Stage 78
Protect Home Battle City Stage 85
Die Tomorrow Battle City Stage 92
Race No Enger F1 Race Circuit 2
Hold Time F1 Race Circuit 3
No Time and Enger F1 Race Circuit 4
Brick Figheter Balloon Fight Phase 13
Super Brick Balloon Fight Phase 15
Impregnable Forest Arkanoid Round 5
Steel Door Arkanoid Round 9
Crush Cage Arkanoid Round D
Steel Ball Arkanoid Round H
Brick Wall Arkanoid Round L
Iron Blast Arkanoid Round O
Greatwall Brick Arkanoid Round R
Metal Pail Arkanoid Round U
Super Shell Arkanoid Round W
Steel Stick Arkanoid Round Z
Mario Fly Super Mario 1-1
Paper Boy New Paper Boy Monday
Defender UK Defender II ?
Space Invaders KI Space Invaders ?
Donkey Kong Go Donkey Kong 3 ?
Gradius Bee Gradius ?
Galaga Tea Galaga ?
Arkanoid Run Arkanoid ?
1942 Gold 1942 ?
Contra Sun Super C ?

Whether they added all individual ROMs or they just used coding to achieve this many choices I’m not sure, but I would assume it would be easier to just use code. After the first 120 the list starts all over and continues to do so until you have the illusion of 12000 choices. While making the list I broke up the time by playing Super Man Bomb1 (aka Super C w/100 Lives), the game was still challenging but with 100 lives beating the game was extremely easy!

Since I don’t own a Famicom (yet!) I didn’t have any games to test in my Super Joy, but I was still pretty certain it would work if a real Famicom game were attached, being the unit is blank until you insert the ROM board into the slot. This lead me to checking around online for a Famicom game that wouldn’t require me to translate dialog and was something I knew I already enjoyed. So I ended up buying a Soccer Famicom cartridge, its a game I know I already like and there isn’t anything in Japanese, oddly enough.

After almost a whole agonizing day waiting for the game to arrive it finally did, but I was upset to find the Famicom cartridge was too big to fit within the unit, so I took my Super Joy apart. After attaching the Famicom game and powering up the unit, SOCCER flashed on the screen and the game music began! I played the game for a little bit to see if it would glitch out and everything seemed to work perfectly.

Knowing that my Super Joy can play Famicom cartridges gives me pretty good idea of what to do if I happen to find another one. Since I want to keep my current Super Joy complete, I need to find another Super Joy 3 or I might be able to use the Power Joy and transform it from a handheld into something more like a console with real NES controller ports. I’m thinking this might make a decent and cheap Famiclone system given the right parts and attention.

Posted June 1st, 2011

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Samuel Floyd first fell into video gaming with the Atari the mid-90s! Always late into the system wars, Samuel enjoys that as he acquires them when they're cheap and the hot titles of yesteryear are bountiful. Samuel loves RPGs, his favorite being Crystalis for the NES.


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