Me and my Game Boy

While being slightly ashamed of this fact I've also tried to make it clear that I didn't start gaming like most everyone else that I know. It wasn't until my parents bought an Atari 2600 in the early to mid-90s, by which time the SNES was already in full control of the market, that video games had any place in my life. Needless to say I've spent the rest of my life playing catch up. There was, however, one console I owned that was still fairly relevant while I owned it, and that was the Nintendo Game Boy. I don't remember ... Read more
Posted 4 weeks ago

Peripheral Vision: Nuby NB-700 aka “The Rock”

It seems to me that during the lifetime of the original Playstation many third-party brands were born simply to cash in on the console's success. Companies like Interact, MadCatz and Nuby were all at the forefront pushing out cheaper alternatives to Sony's masterpiece of a controller. Today we'll be taking a look at the Nuby NB-700, aka The Rock, controller to see if it's worth the plastic it's molded in. Immediately I noticed the controller is thinner than the OEM Sony controller and the edges of the Nuby are far more boxy, although ... Read more
Posted 1 month ago

River City Ransom

I think it's time we discuss one of the best NES games ever created, River City Ransom. To do justice to this NES masterpiece I feel we must first pay our respects to the company who created it, Technōs Japan. Technōs Japan is responsible for so many NES classics, but most notably they created the Kunio-kun series, which still lives on today even though sadly the company does not. The North American market saw some, but not all of the games in this series. The ones we did manage to get ... Read more
Posted 1 month ago

The Curious Case of Tiger Woods 99 PGA Tour Golf

I was an exceedingly curious child, always getting myself into trouble while trying to figure out how and why things worked. One of my experiments was putting a Playstation disc onto my PC just to see if it would play the game. Back then I didn't understand the concept of operating systems, BIOS, or why some games would only run on whatever system. The only thing that happened was a window popped up displaying the contents of the disc, much the same as it would for any data disc. Clearly I wasn't the only curious person out there as it ... Read more
Posted 1 month ago

Peripheral Vision: Intec PS6010A w/ Turbo

Back in the day Intec were heavy hitters when it came to gaming peripherals. I don't necessarily mean they were good, but they sure released a lot of them. Today I'll be putting their PS6010A (is that the best they could come up with?) through its paces and see whether this controller was worth however much it retailed for. Although I never personally seen one of these in a store brand new, I can imagine a young me being drawn to this controller back in the day. When almost every Playstation controller was ... Read more
Posted 1 month ago

Wave Race for the Nintendo Game Boy

Believe it or not I didn't know the Wave Race series began on the Nintendo Game Boy until I found and purchased a copy a few years ago. Produced by the ever popular Shigeru Miyamoto, Wave Race was released on the Game Boy all the way back in 1992, but only for North America. Europe had to wait until June 1997, making it feel more like a portable sequel to Wave Race 64, while Japan seemingly never received a local release of Wave Race at all. Wave Race still sold well ... Read more
Posted 1 month ago

Video Game Power Supplies

Those among us who are both vintage gaming fans and avid thrift shoppers will likely know that sometimes old consoles are easier to find than their essential hookups. Some thrift stores will split up a perfectly good set that came in complete and price everything individually to maximize profits. This means if you hit the store at the right time you may be lucky enough to find the whole set. But what happens if you've found everything but the power supply? Using the correct power supply on a console is crucially important, something that can literally make or break your video ... Read more
Posted 2 months ago