DragonHeart for the Nintendo Game Boy

When it comes to sheerly for profit movie themed video games the Nintendo Game Boy wasn't without its own abysmal versions. Of all the films released in 1996 someone thought Dragonheart was the most viable option for a video game adaptation. Though I've never seen the film I have seen enough to assume an amazing Dragonheart RPG could have easily been born, but alas Torus Games developed a competent, time wasting action adventure game that Acclaim published. The player takes the role of Sir Bowen, Dragonslayer extraordinaire, who was ... Read more
Posted 3 months ago

Sports Car GT for the Playstation

While Sony and Polyphony were pushing the racing video game genre to a whole new level with Gran Turismo, Electronic Arts was trying to get a piece of the action with Sports Car GT. Released for both PC and the original Playstation, Sports Car GT takes a little bit of EA's Need for Speed and gears it more toward Gran Turismo territory. Even though I would personally say they didn't quite pull it off, I would also say they did create a fairly good racing game that kept me ... Read more
Posted 3 months ago

TOCA Championship Racing for the Playstation

TOCA Championship Racing for the Sony Playstation is one of the many gems I found through demo discs. I remember playing the demo for this game over and over again and loving every second of it, even with its limit choices. It wasn't until I was much older that I found a copy of the full version, but it was well worth the wait. Compared to other racing games on the Playstation TOCA may seem simplistic. An abysmal eight car choices (with an unlockable tank), although they are all real ... Read more
Posted 4 months ago

Darkstone Review

In the late 90's and early 2000's RPGs were pouring onto the gaming market at an amazing rate. The SNES boom of RPGs was over and the original Sony Playstation had taken that crown, offering developers more space to create more epic adventures. The RPG market was rife with great titles such as Breath of Fire III and IV, Dragon Quest VII, an endless supply of Final Fantasies and FF remasters, Xenogears, Vagrant Story, Vandal Hearts, the start of the Suikoden series, Azure Dreams, The Legend of Dragoon, the list could ... Read more
Posted 4 months ago

Retro Adapter for NES Classic Edition

So, the NES Classic Edition (AKA, NES Mini) has been re-released. I was able to score one after a short adventure to 2 different stores where 1 said they had 13 in stock but actually had zero. I suspect employees had them hidden in the back. I get home and unpackage the micro-console and I see the controller. Now, I knew going in, the controller was very short, but I wasn't prepared for how short it actually was. It's 24 inches long. 2 feet. Before I bought the console, in my head I'm thinking, that's long enough. Then it sinks ... Read more
Posted 4 months ago

Game Boy Color Reshell Tutorial and Review

After how much I liked the DMG shell I reviewed last time, I submitted my review to the vendor and asked if they would provide me with one of their Game Boy Color shells to review. Much to my surprise they appreciated my review and agreed to send me out a Game Boy color shell. A big thank you goes to Orient Mall on Amazon! The last time I bought an aftermarket shell for the GBC I was hoping I could swap out a well beaten green shell and add a yellow GBC to my collection. What I ... Read more
Posted 7 months ago

Nintendo Gameboy Reshell Tutorial and Review.

There are many good reasons to buy an aftermarket housing for your old handheld games console. Whether it's purely for visual appeal or, as with mine, your Gameboy develops a bad case of post mushrooming (a term I made up signifying the tops of the screw posts mushrooming out and no longer holding the screws properly), aftermarket housings are readily available online. A few years ago I bought an aftermarket Gameboy Color housing thinking I could convert one of my many bright green consoles over to yellow. This experience quickly taught me that aftermarket shells for ... Read more
Posted 8 months ago