Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball for the SNES

As a kid I loved baseball games on the NES, well some of them. My first experience was LJN's Major League Baseball and I actually enjoyed it, which gave way to R.B.I. Baseball and the Bases Loaded series. After a certain point I became burnt out on baseball video games and started to pursue more interactive games like RPGs. It wasn't until I found Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball for the Super Nintendo at a thrift store, almost ten years ago, that I decided to give a Super ... Read more
Posted 1 year ago

N64 Controller Showdown: One Year Later

A year has past since I decided to buy and test some new controllers for my N64. I was very pleased with the quality and functionality of all three controllers I purchased, with the exception of the crack that developed on the cheap knockoff of the original design. What shocked me, however, was the fact that is the one that has seen the most use. Although I do genuinely enjoy the Tribute and Brawler controllers, I just associate the old trident design with playing N64 games, and that's something only the cheap knockoff can offer. The Tribute 64 ... Read more
Posted 1 year ago

Super Mario Kart for the Super Famicom

Super Mario Kart, the game that started the franchise, obviously. Although, as I've previously admitted, Super Mario Kart wasn't where it all started for me. Super Mario Kart 64 was where I got my start and from there it was Double Dash and Mario Kart 7. All of which are really good games, but I really had to see, play and experience where the franchise officially broke ground. When I accidentally won a Super Famicom copy of Super Mario Kart on ebay I figured that was my chance, so here we ... Read more
Posted 1 year ago

MTV Sports: Snowboarding

In the mid to late 90s sports video games were an open market. It was a time when seemingly any company could publish whatever sports title they wanted, which kept EAvil companies from monopolizing every sport known to humanity. This was good for the consumer as it meant developers actually had to try harder with each installment, instead of merely updating rosters for each subsequent year. However, this left developers fighting for an ever-dwindling slice of the same pie, causing developers to turn to up and coming sports such as snowboarding, giving birth to titles such as MTV Sports: Snowboarding. Developed ... Read more
Posted 1 year ago

Confession: I’ve Never Played Super Mario Kart

It's true, until this year (2021) I had never really played Super Mario Kart. I can remember watching other kids playing it at the Super Nintendo kiosks in Sears or Walmart, but I never got a turn. I didn't personally own an SNES until 2001, and to be honest playing Super Mario Kart wasn't a top priority back then. When I started hunting for video games in my adulthood Super Mario Kart didn't cross my path as much as you might think. It did pop up from time to time in retail stores, for a retail price, but I always ... Read more
Posted 1 year ago

Road Riot 4WD: What the Heck?

Since I spent most of 2020 with my N64 I decided 2021 would be the year I spent a little more time with my SNES. I initially embarked on an attempt to figure out where I had left off in Breath of Fire some 16 years ago, which ended up with me using the Game Genie to set earned EXP to max and grinding for levels without any real resolution to the original goal. After I gave the Donkey Kong Country series and Super Mario World + All Stars a fairly ... Read more
Posted 1 year ago

Mario Kart 64 vs Diddy Kong Racing: Who wins the race?

The Nintendo 64’s library is peppered with classics, including two standout kart racers in Mario Kart 64 and Diddy Kong Racing. Powered by their own merits, each title exhibited strong, unique features that gave the system a powerful one-two punch in a young genre. More importantly, each game is responsible for tons of memories, flying tempers, and late comebacks amongst friends. Whether you were hosting a childhood sleepover, having a few coworkers over for drinks after a long week, or just kicking back and playing either game on your own, you could always find refuge in Mario Kart 64’s Block Fort or Diddy Kong Racing’s challenging ... Read more
Posted 2 years ago