Gran Turismo 2

When it comes to racing simulators Gran Turismo was in a class all its own, until Forza came along but we'll discuss that later. Racing games were fine before Gran Turismo came along, but they were lacking a depth that only Gran Turismo could show us we were missing out on. Formula One: Built to Win for the NES comes to my mind when I think of a game that tried its hardest to give the player a racing simulator experience, but was severely limited by the hardware. Gran Turismo ... Read more
Posted 8 months ago

Simple Way to Play Super Famicom Games on the SNES? Maybe.

Recently I've been looking for a more reliable way to play Super Famicom games on my NTSC Super Nintendo without modifying the console or my Game Genie. Sure, removing the tabs is fairly simple, but I feel there has to be a better way to get the job done without mutilating the console, or my Game Genie. I could use my Super 8, or buy a converter, but I think I may have hit on a fairly reasonable, and cheap method to get the job done. What I had been doing was swapping Super Famicom PCBs into an SNES cartridge and ... Read more
Posted 9 months ago

Is Best of the Best Really the Best?

Best of the Best Championship Karate has a bit of an interesting history. Reportedly starting life as André Panza Kick Boxing for the PC Engine, as well as various computing consoles in Europe, it was later rebranded Best of the Best Championship Karate, or Super Kick Boxing: Best of the Best and was further plastered all over the gaming world. How effective was the rebranding scheme to extend the life of this game? Well, if you call your game Best of the Best you better be able to back it up, ... Read more
Posted 9 months ago

Classic Edition 68 x 1 Super Nintendo Multicart

I've been a fan of multicarts and clone consoles for quite a while now, but my knowledge of them was solely based in the NES/Famiclone realm. With the vintage video game hobby still growing and technology to produce and reproduce cartridges for these consoles becoming cheaper it was only a matter of time before multicarts would be come more ubiquitous than they already were. After the Super Nintendo multicarts were brought to my attention I started looking at the games lists and noticed the higher the number, the lower the quality of games. I'm not saying a 150 in 1 ... Read more
Posted 9 months ago

Peripheral Vision: Interact Superpad for the SNES

It feels like I've made this Peripheral Vision article before, but I can't find it on the site. I swear I did because for the longest time this controller was my go-to SNES controller. I have some weird idea in my brain that if I use cheap third-party controllers and put the wear and tear on them, that saves my real controllers. I guess this explains a lot of why I prefer cheap third-party controllers. Don't get me wrong, I love the Super Famicom controller, but I don't want to break it, ... Read more
Posted 9 months ago

Super Mario World: Still Super After All These Years?

The date is August 23, 1991 and North America is about to experience something completely new. Following the success of the Super Mario Bros. trilogy on the NES, Nintendo have created a new incarnation of the series for their brand new Super Nintendo console. Packed in with the console is a copy of Super Mario World, now a well established, and still much loved classic for the console. So much so that Nintendo re-released the game in a special All Stars + Super Mario World for the SNES, and subsequently almost ... Read more
Posted 10 months ago

Peripheral Vision: Super Famicom vs North American Super Nintendo Controller

After many years of wanting one, I recently purchased a Super Famicom controller. I always preferred the different colored buttons over the bland lavender and purple of the North American Super Nintendo controller. It's sad that I feel the need to note that it's the North American version as the European Super Nintendo has the same name, but the controller and console are identical to their Japanese counterparts. So what exactly are the differences between the North American Super Nintendo controller and the Super Famicom controller? Most notably are the aforementioned action buttons ... Read more
Posted 10 months ago