The Art of Cheating 2: A Little Help From My Friends!

Most vintage gamers prefer to play video games as they were intended, trying over and over to get just 1 more level and feel our hard work has paid off. Others will only try so many times before they pull out an old issue of Nintendo Power, look up a walkthrough, or find cheat codes. For the rest of us, and even all of the above, there was the Game Genie, Action Replay or Game Shark! The main function of these devices is to alter the game's coding so that we don't have to struggle. Sometimes, with a little fiddling around, ... Read more

User Survey

We at the Vintage Gamers want to know where you guys would like us to take the site. Please take the below survey to offer your comments. It will be up for the whole month of April. The Vintage Gamers User Survey
Posted 4 years ago

DIY Sega AV Cable

When it comes to hooking my consoles to my TV, I've always preferred the simplicity of a good, old RF adapter. Sure they're not the best, but they get the job done; audio and video sent from the console to your TV, that's all I really need! But as consoles started removing the RF option in favor of the proprietary AV cables, I was forced to hunt down AV cables through my many trips to thrift stores. Nintendo RF adapters are usually found in bounties, and the Nintendo AV cables, used for the SNES, N64 and Gamecube, aren't too far behind, ... Read more
Posted 4 years ago

Interview with Wisdom Tree Owner Brenda Huff

Wisdom Tree games have become a punchline in the modern gaming era, due in large part to their exposure in AVGN episodes. Subsequently some gamers will judge these games, and the company who made them, solely on what they see and never give these games a try, for personal experience. Although AVGN is a character, and mostly reacting to these games for entertainment value, Wisdom Tree is a real company, with a real purpose. Wisdom Tree was the first and only publisher of Bible based, educational games designed for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Founded in August of 1990, under parent company ... Read more
Posted 4 years ago

J.League Soccer Prime Goal 2

After having a device called the Super 8, which allows you to play SNES, Super Famicom, NES and Famicom games all from your Super Nintendo console, for quite some time, I wanted to import my first Super Famicom game. The very first game I imported for the Famicom was Soccer, a straight forward, no nonsense game that required absolutely no translation to get started. I'm not a huge soccer fan, by no means, nor do I understand any Japanese, but I felt I had made ... Read more
Posted 4 years ago

Game Boy Carry All by Nexoft / Asciiware

The Nexoft Gameboy Carry All was something I was seriously wanting to add to the portable storage article I wrote a while back, but I couldn't manage to win one off ebay until recently. Although I've never seen one out in the wild I wouldn't consider these storage cases to be rare, but they seem to be fairly hard to find! Always with an OCD for storing my video games and portable systems I had to own one, and here it is. Mine says Nexoft, but I've seen them by Asciiware as ... Read more
Posted 4 years ago

Aftermarket Game Boy Color Housing

Looking at the image above you may find it difficult to tell which one is the authentic yellow Game Boy Color and which has an aftermarket replacement housing. The authentic yellow is on the right and the aftermarket is on the left, but once you look a little closer the differences start to become apparent. Until recently I didn't have an official yellow GBC to compare the after market housing to, now that I do I will be comparing them side by side. About two years ago I picked up my second ... Read more
Posted 4 years ago