Retro-bit Tribute 64 Controller for the Nintendo 64

Mario's trident, aka the Nintendo 64 controller, can sometimes be a point of contention amongst vintage gaming fans. For many it holds a special place in their hearts and for others it holds a very special place in video game Hell. Throughout the lifespan of the N64 many companies tried to improve the controller, but none did it better than Hori with their mini pad. As much as I would like to review a Hori mini pad they are highly sought after, and therefore very expensive. So instead I'll be taking a ... Read more
Posted 5 months ago

Sega Game Gear Replacement Battery Covers

The avid video game hunters among us who have found a Sega Game Gear at a garage sale or thrift store will know that more often than not the battery covers will be missing. I have been fortunate enough to find a few Sega Game Gears in the wild myself, but of the four I've found only one of them had its original battery covers. Missing battery covers not only make the console look incomplete, it also makes the console feel weird in the hands. The battery covers are placed with an ergonomic design so a missing battery cover leaves ... Read more
Posted 1 year ago

Repairing Gamecube Thumbsticks with Third-Party Replacements.

At some point we've all come across, or perhaps even own, a Nintendo Gamecube controller with sad, beaten and busted up thumbstick covers. The analog directional controller and the C stick are both merely thin plastic caps with a thin layer of rubber on them for assured grip. After a few furious rounds on Smash Bros. Melee or even just through the sands of time they do become worn out. I myself had purchased a Wavebird with a destroyed analog stick some years ago. It still worked but the hard plastic where ... Read more
Posted 1 year ago

Arthur! Ready to Race Review

If you grew up in the late 90's you almost certainly encountered Arthur, or at least its merchandise. I wouldn't say it was massively popular but without question PBS pushed hard, and it showed. With Arthur toys abound, it was only a matter of time before video games were published. Today we'll be looking at Arthur! Ready to Race, released in 2000 for the Sony Playstation. Arthur! Ready to Race is an overly simplistic game aimed directly at kids. The game takes place in an impressively rendered 3D version of Elwood City. ... Read more
Posted 2 years ago

Snap-On Presents Gearhead Garage Virtual Mechanic

Before mechanic simulation games were released annually, there was Gearhead Garage Virtual Mechanic, presented by tool giants Snap-On. As much as I really want to review this game I simply can not get it to run on any of my computers. I've tried 32bit Windows 7 with compatibility modes, I've messed around with virtual machines and nothing seems to work. Despite my inability to play through the game again and feel as though I can write an adequate review I still want to talk about the game. Back in ... Read more
Posted 2 years ago

Peripheral Vision: Starmaster Joystick for the NES

Even though I'm not a fan of joystick controllers they keep showing up in my collection. Not that I really use them, it's just that I like to collect peripherals for the classic consoles. Today we'll be testing out the Starmaster joystick for the NES. My first impression of the Starmaster was that the plastic feels cheap. It doesn't feel like I'm going to break the joystick off or anything, but compared to the Beeshu Zinger the Starmaster just feels a bit cheaper. When ... Read more
Posted 2 years ago

Peripheral Vision: Beeshu Zinger NES Joystick

When it comes to playing the old NES I prefer the old tried and true method of a controller. On very rare occurrences would I ever want to use a joystick, but if I do I tend to use an Advantage. But it seems that the market was flooded with third-party joysticks for the NES. Were any of them good? Well today we're going to be giving the Beeshu Zinger a try. Much like its sibling, the Beeshu Zipper, the Zinger was available in many wild and zany color combinations. ... Read more
Posted 2 years ago