Game Boy Carry All by Nexoft / Asciiware

The Nexoft Gameboy Carry All was something I was seriously wanting to add to the portable storage article I wrote a while back, but I couldn't manage to win one off ebay until recently. Although I've never seen one out in the wild I wouldn't consider these storage cases to be rare, but they seem to be fairly hard to find! Always with an OCD for storing my video games and portable systems I had to own one, and here it is. Mine says Nexoft, but I've seen them by Asciiware as ... Read more
Posted 5 years ago

Aftermarket Game Boy Color Housing

Looking at the image above you may find it difficult to tell which one is the authentic yellow Game Boy Color and which has an aftermarket replacement housing. The authentic yellow is on the right and the aftermarket is on the left, but once you look a little closer the differences start to become apparent. Until recently I didn't have an official yellow GBC to compare the after market housing to, now that I do I will be comparing them side by side. About two years ago I picked up my second ... Read more
Posted 6 years ago

Video Game Storage 4: Portable Organizers

I thought I was done with Video Game Storage Part 3, but I was wrong. Only recently did it occur to me that I completely overlooked one of my absolute favorite organizing sets: Portable! When I check a thrift store I often check the backpacks and purses or handbags, as the thrift store employees aren't always too bright, to see if they've slipped in a small video game storage bag. Even though I have no immediate use for them I still love to pick them up. I find it hard to pass up a good deal on one, even if I ... Read more
Posted 6 years ago

Retro Rechargeables

Like many vintage gaming fans, my first portable system was the Nintendo Game Boy. What I didn't realize at the time was just how power hungry the little thing was, like a portable video game dictator. As the frequency of "Mom (or Dad), I need batteries for my Game Boy!" reached a fevered pitch, my mother bought me a rechargeable battery pack, which took forever to charge and only last as long as it took for me to get to a level boss. As an adult I try not to pass them up when (more like if) I find them in ... Read more
Posted 6 years ago

How vintage is vintage?

When we started this site a few years ago, we had rules dictating what we would cover. The main rule was 10 years or 2 generations back. With PS4, Wii U and Xbox One out now, we are facing a dilemma. PS2, GameCube and Xbox don't seem vintage. They are older systems, but they don't feel old enough. Help us decide if we should cover those consoles. [polldaddy poll="7605425"]
Posted 6 years ago

Game Boy Screen Magnifiers

After my last article I decided to pull out all of my screen magnifiers and give them a run through, to see if they were truly as horrible as I remember them being. Now I'm not knocking their ability to magnify the screen, I'm actually complaining about their wildly varying and not so useful attempts to light up the Game Boy screen. No matter how well they do magnify the screen, they simply can't add enough light, or do it in a proper manner, to make the screen look good in the ... Read more
Posted 6 years ago

NUBY Game Light for Nintendo Game Boy

For the past 6 months or so I've had a neat little peripheral sitting in a drawer that I wanted to use so bad, but due to the state of corrosion on the battery contacts I packed it away and never really bothered with it. The overall condition wasn't bad so when I saw it at the outlet store I tossed it in my bag anyway; whats the harm in buying a vintage gaming peripheral even if it may never work again? That peripheral is the NUBY Game Light, a neat little ... Read more
Posted 6 years ago