AtGames Sega Genesis Classic Game Console

A few years ago I purchased an AtGames Sega Genesis Arcade Motion from a thrift store and wasn't too surprised by the product's quality. Sure, it functioned as a nice little plug n play that allowed me to play nearly any Genesis game I wanted from an SD card, but the whole thing felt more like just another cheap Nintendo Wii knockoff gimmick. A few short years later AtGames tried to rectify this situation by offering up the Sega Genesis Classic Game Console. Given their reputation, as well as my experience with their products, will this little Sega Genesis ... Read more
Posted 3 weeks ago

Peripheral Vision: Super 8 by Innovation for the SNES

Is it a Famiclone? Is it a peripheral? Well, it's actually both! These days, it seems, at least a few times a year we read news of an upcoming video game console packing the necessary hardware, or software, to run multiple systems from a single unit. With the likes of the Retron5, among many others, gamers can now spend more time and money on video games themselves, rather than putting money into individual consoles. Though it may be a more current trend, this isn't the first time such an idea has been marketed. ... Read more
Posted 5 months ago

Peripheral Vision: NUBY NB-711 Playstick for the Playstation

When I was a kid I always dreamed of having a joystick to play my favorite PC games. One Christmas that dream came true when my mother finally bought me one; the model and brand I have long since forgotten. What I do remember though is that I absolutely hated it. That joystick was the bane of my PC gaming experiences because, up to this point, I had spent so much time crafting my WASD and Space bar skills that a joystick was too alien for me to really acclimate to properly ... Read more
Posted 5 months ago

Review: GBA SuperCard SD

By now, every gamer has heard of emulation. Up until a few years ago it was a bad word. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act doesn't explicitly state it, but it's understood that if you own the original game, then the ROM is legal to have. Nintendo has famously had the stance that ROMs were illegal even if you own the original cartridge. That is until the Wii. The Virtual Console is literally emulation on the Wii. Backwards compatibility on Xbox One is emulation. It's all over the place. A few years ago, I purchased an R4DS to play Nintendo DS ... Read more
Posted 7 months ago

Sega Genesis Model 3 Virtua Racing and Game Genie Compatibility Fix

Disclaimer: I did not formulate this modification, I simply think that it should get more exposure than it seems to be getting. It works for me so I felt that I should spread the word to those who may not know about it yet. Straight out of the box the Majesco Sega Genesis, aka the model 3, is lacking quite a few features that its big brothers have. Compatibility with a handful of games, including Virtua Racing, and peripherals like the 32x, Game Genie, Power Base converter and many other things were left out to make the model 3 cheaper to ... Read more
Posted 8 months ago

The era of Demo Discs.

Think back to the days when video game reviews online weren't as big as they are today, and digital demos were strictly for PC games. We lived in a dark time where the only chance you had to test out a video game before you bought it included renting it, borrowing it from a friend, using one of the many video game kiosks strewn about almost every store that sold electronics, or demo discs. Where would my generation, or perhaps even the whole of video gaming, be without demo discs? Demo discs became the gateway to seeing, testing and experiencing games, ... Read more
Posted 8 months ago

Faxanadu for the NES

My first true RPG experience was Final Fantasy on the NES, which lead me to believe that all RPGs should be like Final Fantasy. Later in life I found that belief quickly losing ground to the new belief that an RPG can take many forms, and as long as it's enjoyable I don't really care what game it may borrow it's style from. Enter Faxanadu, an Adventure/RPG for the NES, developed by Hudson, that felt more like Metroid and Castlevania than it did Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. For many American ... Read more
Posted 9 months ago