Al Unser Jr.’s Road to the Top for the Super Nintendo

I must admit that I'm a fan of Al Unser Jr.'s Turbo Racing on the NES. I can't remember where I first acquired it, but I remember it being a part of my NES collection for quite some time now. I always wondered what a sequel would have been like, but I assumed that was it, as I had never heard of a sequel. That was until a week ago when I found out there was, kind of, a sequel titled Al Unser Jr.'s Road to the Top for the Super Nintendo. Knowing this meant I just had to try ... Read more
Posted 5 months ago

Vintage Online Gaming: Part 2 The 1990s

Ah, the 90s, a time when grunge was in, beepers were a thing, and the world of video games was about to be rocked by some innovative technology. In a decade marked by dial-up internet and the beginning of the World Wide Web, video game consoles had to adapt to keep up with the times. So let's take a trip down memory lane and explore some of the most exciting online and network-connected add-ons that shaped the world of gaming in the 90s. XBand First up, we have XBand, the OG online gaming network for Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo Entertainment System ... Read more
Posted 8 months ago

SD2SP2 Pro for the Nintendo Gamecube

As someone who loves console tinkering, I recently found out about the SD2SP2 for the Nintendo Gamecube and had to get one for myself. The SD2SP2 is a device that connects to Serial Port 2 on the bottom of the Gamecube, and allows you to do a few different things with the integrated microSD slot. There are a few variants of the SD2SP2 that will either allow you to hide the device under the console's port cover, or the Pro version that allows the microSD slot to be accessible from the side of the console, should you need, or want, ... Read more
Posted 10 months ago

Home Alone for the SNES

Home Alone was a great movie, but for some reason someone somewhere thought it would also make a great video game. We video game fans are always wary of games licensed from feature films, and Home Alone isn't going to help change anyone's mind on that. Many years ago I acquired a copy of this game for the Game Boy and wasn't fond of it by any means. Usually any video game that has been ported to the Game Boy is much better on a home console, right? The answer is ... Read more
Posted 2 years ago

Driver Parallel Lines

Driver Parallel Lines is one of my absolute, all-time favorite games. I also feel it's the most competent GTA clone ever made. Let's be honest here, by this point the Driver series was chasing GTA and trying its hardest to grab a chunk of its success. With Driv3r being, well Driv3r, the series needed a refresh; it needed something that made it stand out, but not something so drastic that it felt like a completely different game. Driver Parallel Lines came along with an air or familiarity, but also one of ... Read more
Posted 2 years ago

Peripheral Vision: NES Advantage

When I was a kid I remember having my first encounter with a turbo NES controller and wanting one of my own immediately. At this point we didn't have Gamestop or FuncoLand yet, but we did have a local chain of used video game stores, whose name I've forgotten over the years. One sunny Saturday morning, while my mother grocery shopped at the adjacent grocery store, I walked into the gaming store and took a look around. After browsing the games I walked up to the counter and asked if they had ... Read more
Posted 2 years ago

Video Games Based on Obscure Movies

Throughout video gaming history there have been many video games based on movies. In many cases movie based video games target an audience who are already familiar with, and probably already fans of, the source material that gave the video game its title. In some rare cases a movie based video game can be based upon something more obscure or older than the player, or the video games itself, leaving the player unfamiliar with its source material, or origins. A personal example would be one of my favorite original Playstation games: The Italian Job. The year was around 2002, and I ... Read more
Posted 2 years ago