Castlevania: The Adventure

Castlevania: The Adventure is a game I picked up almost 10 years ago and have played very little since. I saw this sitting in the little case at a Half Price Books store for $1 and figured I couldn't go wrong. The label is very reminiscent of the NES Konami games, so I figured that alone should tell me all I needed to know about this gem. I felt like I had really scored here. A Castlevania game for a $1? I had to have gotten one over on old Half ... Read more
Posted 4 hours ago

Super Mario World: Return To Dinosaur Land

Super Mario World: Return To Dinosaur Land is a ROM hack I was aware of, but never got around to trying. That all changed when I found out it was included on the SNES multicart I bought earlier this year. I assume whoever was in charge of putting games on this cartridge mistook it for being the actual Super Mario World. Since I've been having a lot of fun playing, or more accurately replaying, through Super Mario World, and now that I can play this ROM hack on my SNES, I ... Read more
Posted 1 week ago

NES Point and Click Games

As I've mentioned before I was always late to the party when it came to video games and video game technology. Our first family computer had Windows 3.1 for the OS, but this was well into the lifespan of Windows 95. We did eventually upgrade, but along the adventure I remember a lot of software being handed down from my more tech savvy relatives. Some of these games were point and click adventure games, one of them being Leisure Suit Larry which was quickly snatched up and thrown away by my mother once she figured out what it was all ... Read more
Posted 2 weeks ago

I Miss the Sega GT Series! Part 1

I'm not sure I could ever put into words just how much of a game changer Gran Turismo truly was in the world of auto racing video games. Sure there were the Ridge Racers, the Need for Speeds and the Test Drives, but it was Gran Turismo's influence that echoed throughout the industry. Many games changed their formula to try and emulate it, while other games where just outright clones. In 1999 Sony released Gran Turismo 2 to assert their dominance and assure their games stayed on top of the imitations. In ... Read more
Posted 3 weeks ago

Peripheral Vision: EMiO Turbo Controller for the SNES Classic

From time to time Scott (You know, the guy who pays for the domain and webspace here) will bring a gaming related item to my attention that instantly becomes a must have. Even though I don't currently own a Super Nintendo Classic Edition, I instantly wanted EMiO's The Edge Super Gamepad. Having a bit of an engineer's mind made me wonder if there was any way to convert this to use on the original Super Nintendo. If not I figured worst case I could use the controller for SNES emulation on my ... Read more
Posted 4 weeks ago

Gran Turismo 2

When it comes to racing simulators Gran Turismo was in a class all its own, until Forza came along but we'll discuss that later. Racing games were fine before Gran Turismo came along, but they were lacking a depth that only Gran Turismo could show us we were missing out on. Formula One: Built to Win for the NES comes to my mind when I think of a game that tried its hardest to give the player a racing simulator experience, but was severely limited by the hardware. Gran Turismo ... Read more
Posted 1 month ago

Simple Way to Play Super Famicom Games on the SNES? Maybe.

Recently I've been looking for a more reliable way to play Super Famicom games on my NTSC Super Nintendo without modifying the console or my Game Genie. Sure, removing the tabs is fairly simple, but I feel there has to be a better way to get the job done without mutilating the console, or my Game Genie. I could use my Super 8, or buy a converter, but I think I may have hit on a fairly reasonable, and cheap method to get the job done. What I had been doing was swapping Super Famicom PCBs into an SNES cartridge and ... Read more
Posted 1 month ago